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Kim believes all teachers have the ability to make a difference in the life of a child and devotes her time, energy, and knowledge to helping make that happen.



    In this workshop, you’ll learn what makes a meaningful grade, methods for evolving your current classroom practice and curriculum to include regular assessments, and how standards-based grading and assessment lead to a more accurate measurement of student achievement.

    Upcoming Workshops

    Columbus, OH June 11, 2018
    Cincinnati, OH June 12, 2018
    Merrillville, IN June 14, 2018
    Springfield, IL June 19, 2018



    In this workshop, you’ll discover ideas for developing an instructional approach that recognizes and works past the stresses, traumas, and self-imposed mentalities and behaviors that can limit learning and achievement. You’ll leave this workshop with strategies to build resiliency in even the most challenging students, ideas for encouraging positive behavior and creating effective classroom management, and a plan of action that can be immediately put in place to start increasing student motivation.

    Upcoming Workshops

    Cincinnati, OH June 11, 2018
    Columbus, OH June 12, 2018
    Springfield, IL June 18, 2018
    Merrillville, IN June 19, 2018




    This workshop will help teachers implement a growth mindset curriculum, which has been proven to lead to greater motivation levels and higher achievement for students, in their classrooms. You’ll leave with ready-to-go lessons that will help develop gritty, determined, self-reliant students who know that if they work hard enough they can and will accomplish great things.

    Upcoming Workshops

    Evansville, IN September 25, 2018
    Indianapolis, IN October 2, 2018
    Merrillville, IN October 4, 2018
    Louisville, KY November 7, 2018
    Cincinnati, OH November 13, 2018
    Columbus, OH November 15, 2018



    During genius hour, students of all levels are empowered to explore their own passions. This workshop will show you how to transform your classroom into a place where students want to come in and learn, where creativity and motivation flourish.

    Upcoming Workshops

    Evansville, IN September 26, 2018
    Indianapolis, IN October 3, 2018
    Merrillville, IN October 5, 2018
    Louisville, KY November 8, 2018
    Cincinnati, OH November 14, 2018
    Columbus, OH November 16, 2018



  • Kim and her consultants are in the trenches with teachers. They’ve done the research, planned the curriculum, and taught the topics in real classrooms.
  • Strobel Ed consultants are real and authentic, offering contagious enthusiasm and sharing real-life teaching experiences that workshop attendees rave about. And the workshops are FUN—because they believe play is an important part of the learning process!
  • Participants receive valuable tools that can be put to use in the classroom. Kim and her crew have done the hard work for teachers, compiling lessons, videos, graphic organizers, and more into an easy-to-use Digital Resource Bundle.
  • Kim is a Happiness Coach and believes that happiness fuels success and positive attitudes make brains more engaged, creative, and productive. So, she infuses her trainings with tips teachers can use to rejuvenate their professional and personal lives—and take back to create cultures of happiness in their classrooms and school communities.