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Hi, I’m Kim Strobel.

I’ve had the honor of serving hundreds of thousands of teachers, administrators, superintendents, and students around the world, partnering with organizations like The United Nations Global Happiness Summit, The Google Education Summit, Florida, Indiana, and North Carolina Superintendent’s Conference, and The Stem (Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Conference.

When I’m on stage, I’m not just a keynote speaker, I’m a happiness coach.

I get raw and real – sharing stories of how I’ve navigated stress, conflict, and burnout. Then I show you the eye-opening research that reveals the lasting impact the habits I practice and teach can have on our personal and professional lives.

My goal is to not only captivate the hearts and minds of your audience, but also give them simple and practical tools to reclaim happiness, ignite their passion, and teach with purpose.

Whether your event is hosting thousands of people in an auditorium or online with a virtual platform, I’d love to talk with you about how I can serve your organization.

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Kim is so real – her energy, experience, passion, and her ability to connect with people at all levels and in all walks of life is so powerful. She has a talent for meeting an audience or group where they are and facilitating awareness, growth, and actionable steps toward improvement and happiness. Having been a Teacher, Principal, and Assistant Superintendent – my favorite thing about Kim is that she speaks to, unifies and uplifts everyone. At the end of the day, if we aren’t a unified team – we aren’t going to be what our students, families or organizations need. She carefully weaves research, specific strategies, action steps, and inspiration into her work and leaves audiences with a renewed focus and energy.

Gina Biever
Asst Superintendent

I am a high school teacher at Brownstown Central. I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your keynote presentation on our teacher day! I also wanted to tell you that I can hear in your voice how much you truly miss teaching children every day and changing their lives. However, I wanted you to know that you ARE touching even MORE children’s lives by inspiring teachers! Your influence literally grows exponentially! THANK YOU for what you do! And thank you for what you have done for me and my perspective about my teaching career!

Stephanie Hackman
Teacher, Brownstown Community Schools

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Inspiring and Result-Driven Keynotes

The Science of Happiness

Ignite Your Spark & Unleash Your Potential

When you hear the terms “happiness” and “well-being,” what do you think of? In this keynote, Kim uses storytelling and science to talk about how happiness is more than just a feeling and how it can have a tremendous effect on performance.

With an energy that’s both captivating and down-to-earth, Kim shares eye-opening research and simple, actionable steps for how we can reprogram our brains to become more fulfilled and positive in our personal and professional lives.

Be prepared to laugh and learn along with your audience as Kim motivates and entertains with her real-talk humor and inspirational teaching.

Radical Wellness

The Self-Care Nobody’s Talking About

Self-care is an overused phrase that doesn’t get to the heart of what educators are facing each day. They are told to practice “self-care” when they are already drowning in a sea of mental and physical fatigue and exhaustion. It’s time to replace the phrase “self-care” with Radical Wellness.

It’s radical because it’s uncomfortable and messy, and it requires us to examine our lives from the inside out, including taking a step back and making some much-needed moves in our lives. It is not a random, long-overdue pampering with a facial or a walk in the park.

Remembering Your Why

Reclaim Your Purpose & Ignite Your Passion

As we navigate the heavy toll that the pandemic has taken on both student progress and teacher morale, it’s time to give teachers a reason to find joy and purpose in their profession again.

In this keynote, Kim recalls her experiences as a classroom teacher, sharing a heartfelt story that gave her new meaning for what it meant to be an educator. Her open and honest approach will make your staff feel affirmed and rejuvenated, as she acknowledges the real-life challenges teachers are facing right now and provides a fresh perspective for the school year ahead.

The Science of Growth Mindset

Change Your Thoughts to Increase Your Success

In this keynote, Kim shares how cultivating a growth mindset can shift the way we think about our current circumstances and instead embrace challenges and obstacles as a means to growth.

Mindsets are a set of beliefs that affect how we think about our abilities, how we behave, and the actions we take toward our goals. When we take intentional steps to prioritize a growth mindset in the workplace, we impact the school culture and help build growth mindset habits that fuel educators’ success.

Your audience will walk away with tools to evaluate their beliefs so that they can face obstacles with a more productive approach, developing and learning new skills in the process with a focus on improvement.

Reimagining Education

A Mission To Make The System Work For All

What will it take to change an outdated school system in need of reform and create one that prepares students for the future?

In this keynote, Kim provides insight on the powerful socioeconomic forces that shape education, thought-provoking science about left and right brain thinking, and the six elements needed in today’s world of learners.

Through this talk, Kim’s mission is to empower educators, parents, and policymakers with data, direction, and practical educational strategies to better equip the 21st-century learner for the future they will lead.

Overcoming Adversity & Embracing Emotional Wellbeing

(For Middle/High School & College Students)
Change Your Beliefs & Increase Your Success

In this emotional keynote, Kim shares her own struggles of overcoming adversities, challenges, and debilitating times in her life and plants seeds of hope for moving forward and stepping into our potential. She shares the Science of Happiness and Wellbeing to help students move forward with strength and courage.

Kim also provides a variety of keynote topics designed for corporate settings and events. Click the link below to request information about having Kim speak at your organization.

Enrich the Experience

Combine a keynote with one of the many professional development experiences Strobel Education has to offer.

Virtual Coaching

Have Kim provide your staff with customized support and structured accountability as they implement action steps from the keynote presentation.

Happy Academy

Help your staff prioritize happiness and improve outcomes in their personal and professional lives with The Happy Academy course. This course provides self-paced training, virtual coaching, and digital resources that build upon the following keynotes: The Science of Happiness and Happiness Habits: 5 Secrets Successful People Know.

Leadership Academy

Let Kim equip you and your team with strategies to guide school culture and support teachers inside her annual leadership cohort training. This experience provides coaching that builds upon the following keynotes: The Science of Happiness, Happiness Habits: 5 Secrets Successful People Know, Reimagining Education, and The Power of Positive Schools.

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Real Talk + Simple Strategies for K-12 Educators

Each week, we’ll send you an encouraging message to help you step into your greatness and lead with purpose.

Real Talk + Simple Strategies for K-12 Educators

Each week, we’ll send you an encouraging message to help you step into your greatness and lead with purpose.