Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset

Increasing Achievement & Boosting Motivation

There are two mindsets that have a MAJOR impact on our ability to learn, grow, and achieve our goals.

GROWTH MINDSET: You believe that your skills and intelligence are things that can be developed, cultivated, and improved—that you DO have the capacity to learn and grow. Skills are built through effort and everyone can change.

FIXED MINDSET: You believe that your skills and intelligence are carved in stone and that you DON’T have the capacity to develop, cultivate, or improve them. You are born with a certain aptitude and intelligence and can’t do much to change them.

Research shows that a growth mindset can foster grit, determination, and work ethic within students, athletes, and people of all ages. Carol Dweck’s extensive research of the topic also shows that people with a growth mindset learn, grow, and achieve more than people that have fixed mindsets.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

1. Establish Growth Mindset Beliefs

  • The brain is like a muscle that can be strengthened
  • We learn by doing, experiencing, and practicing
  • The more we do, the more we learn
  • Growth comes from productive struggle
  • Skills are BUILT not born—and they are yours if you earn them

2. Our Words Influence the Culture

  • The connection between ability and accomplishment
  • Negative labels and how they work
  • The dangers of praise and positive labels

3. Create a Growth Mindset in Students

  • What makes a great teacher?
  • Messages about success and failure
  • Tools for creating a growth mindset classroom

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