Growth Mindset: Not Just for the Classroom

How This Powerful Concept Can Positively Impact Your Whole Life What we think of ourselves and how we view our potential shapes the way we lead our lives. Our mindset determines how we will cope with a situation or circumstance and can help determine the outcome. Do you believe you are dealt your cards for … Read More

Reinventing the Classroom Experience

How to Overcome Politics & Limitations in Education Are you deeply concerned about education? I am. Education systems are being reformed across the county, but it seems in many cases, the changes are driven by political and commercial interests. By people that don’t understand how real students learn and how great schools actually work. There! … Read More

5 Ways to Retrain Your Brain

Your beliefs might be holding you back from happiness What is a belief, and where do our beliefs come from? This is an important question to ask and understand because the beliefs we hold about ourselves and our world have a profound affect on how we navigate life. A belief is a feeling of certainty … Read More

The Wisdom of a Running Shirt

Believing in yourself leads to achieving what you want A few months ago, I was online shopping (shocking, I know), when I stumbled upon this printed shirt that read, “You achieve what you believe.” When I read it, I got all goose-bumpy and instantly knew I had to have it. Fast forward to last week … Read More

Shifting Our Mindset Towards Positive

I’m a professional development consultant who works on-site with schools. I also host professional development workshops throughout the state, where I invite teachers from all schools to a central location to learn about a specific topic. I’m driven to support teachers in a time when they most need to be supported.