On-site Training

During on-site professional development training by Kim, your teachers will learn powerful strategies that are tailored to meet the unique needs of your staff. Teachers leave a training with Kim feeling inspired and excited to re-enter the classroom.



During on-site training, Kim will present best practice strategies and the most up-to-date research and theory to help support teachers in their implementation of effective classroom teaching.


For some people, trouble is a launching pad to greater things. Kim Strobel is one of those individuals. She knows whereof she speaks when she says that conquering fear and achieving greatness is possible.

After teaching elementary school for seven years and absolutely loving it, she left to become an education consultant. The job required 80-hour weeks, but would be another intense learning period for her. During that time, she also earned her administrative degree and went on to become a curriculum director, which allowed her to stay in the trenches with teachers. All of these experiences turned out to be great preparation for the launch of her own company, Strobel Education. The goal of the company and her work is singular: “I feel like teachers, for the most part, are very discouraged, and I understand why they feel that way,”she says.“Many teachers walk into the classroom; and feel like they’ve lost. I want to help them remember why they were called to this very sacred profession in the first place.”

She is uniquely gifted to be a strong encourager. She has spent her life conquering her own fears and challenging naysaying voices, internal and external. Along the way, she has become a teacher, a consultant, a speaker, an aspiring author, and a mission-minded person who has found her calling. She is grateful, even for the difficult trials and tribulations that have sometimes beset her.

The truth is, she never would have gotten here without them.

She lives in Tell City with her husband, Scott. They have four children and one grandbaby.

Gina Stancombe, consultant with Strobel Education, is a lifelong learner who has a strong desire to share her knowledge and enthusiasm for teaching with others.

She is currently a literacy coach in Bloomington, Indiana. Gina has served as a classroom teacher for 16 years including primary, intermediate, and multiage classrooms. She passionately believes that all students can learn at high levels when placed in the right environment. She actively works with teachers and students of all levels on a daily basis, including at-risk learners, struggling readers, students with mild, moderate, and severe disabilities, and high ability students. Gina is a Certified Digital Citizenship Trainer and is the building technology coordinator in her school, which services students in Pre-K through 6th grade. Over the years she has organized, implemented, and led many events to educate families as student prepare for state standardized testing including the high stakes IRead3 and ISTEP. Gina has also led Relational Aggression and Digital Citizenship training for families through evening events at her local school. She mentors teachers in her current district at various levels, including teachers who educate students with special needs, first year teachers, new and experienced paraprofessionals, and pre-service teachers.

Gina was an integral team member who traveled to Colorado to meet with Dr. Robert Marzano to gather research prior to restructuring her school to a Proficiency- Based Learning Model. She was also influential in her district’s transformation to Standards Based Grading. She worked closely with Tammy Heflebower, Senior Scholar at Marzano Research, through this process. Gina has a great deal of experience at the district level with creating common formative assessments, curriculum maps, rubrics and scales. She is an expert in administering a variety of assessments including DRA, Aims Web, and Rasinski fluency assessments. Gina is an essential part of the administrative team at her school who analyzes data to make decisions that impact teaching and learning.

Gina received her Bachelor degree in Education from the University of Southern Indiana. She is completing her Masters in Educational Leadership at Indiana University. She serves on several district and building level committees and is viewed as a teacher leader by her colleagues.

Gina is married to her college sweetheart Andy. They are the proud parents of 3 children. Their oldest son is a sophomore in college, their middle daughter is in junior high, and their youngest daughter is in elementary school. Together they enjoy sports of all kinds. Her family spends many Saturday afternoons enjoying the outdoors on their family boat while visiting with friends and relatives.



  • The 90-minute Reading Block
  • Fluency Strategies
  • Comprehension Strategies
  • Differentiated Literacy Stations
  • Small Group Reading
  • Reader’s Workshop
  • Vocabulary
  • Mini-Lesson Modeling
  • Close Reading & Text Complexity
  • Strategies for Struggling Readers


  • Writer’s Workshop
  • 6 Traits of Writing
  • Assessing Writing
  • Writing Process
  • Mini-Lesson Modeling


  • Staff Motivation
  • Teaching with Passion, Courage, & Joy
  • Engaging Learners
  • Standards-Based Grading
  • Formative Assessment
  • Close Reading Strategies
  • Text-Dependent Questioning
  • Depth of Knowledge & Rigor
  • Socratic Questioning and Accountability Talk
  • Effective Vocabulary Strategies
  • Strategies for Content-Area Reading



  • Kim Strobel is a dedicated educator who understands what teachers need. Her magnetic personality and genuine presentation style captivate audiences everywhere she goes. Her enthusiasm is contagious. You’ll love her!

  • The buzz sweeping the education world about Kim Strobel is real. And, it’s no surprise that teachers and administrators are lining up to see her presentations. Simply put, she’s absolutely fantastic. Not only is she a thought leader and expert in her field, but more than that, she’s deeply passionate about helping teachers make a lifelong difference in the lives of students.

  • Kim is so energetic and enthusiastic that she won us over from the very beginning. She is refreshing and her knowledge and ability to explain is wonderful. I left feeling motivated to reenter the classroom, and summer has just begun!

    B. Arnold, Elementary Teacher
  • I’m telling you, this literacy trainer is awesome! If you have a chance to attend yourself and/or get teachers to go, it would be extremely worth it. I contracted with her several times when I was the professional development coordinator for the Southern Indiana Education Center, and the teachers and literacy coaches who attended couldn’t get enough of her!

    R. Moore, Director of Education in Indiana
  • Simply put, I have never worked with a consultant that so completely wins over all teachers and so quickly influences their thinking and teaching strategies

    P. White, Superintendent